What We Do

Nesbitt Law PLLC provides legal services primarily related to (i) estate planning and (ii) estate and trust administration, but also provides counsel related to (iii) elder law, (iv) corporate, LLC and partnership planning and (v) charitable organizations.

Estate planning services include federal and state death tax planning, gift and joint ownership planning, preparation of wills, revocable ("living") trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, living wills and marital agreements. 

Estate and trust administration services include the probate of wills; the inventory, management, and accounting for estate or trust assets; the preparation of death tax and fiduciary income tax returns; the settlement of an estate or trust; and representation in any necessary court or tax proceedings, including contested proceedings. 

Elder law services include advice and counsel related to issues facing elderly people including retirement income, long-term care, lifestyle and housing needs, and preferences. 

Corporate, LLC and partnership planning services include the choice of incorporation, LLC or partnership, Subchapter S elections, planning for qualified and nonqualified retirement, welfare, and incentive plans, reorganization of existing corporations, and preparation of shareholder and partnership agreements.

Charitable organization services include preparation of charitable trusts or corporations, applications for charitable status, and compliance with private foundations rules.

After an initial consultation, fees are generally determined on the basis of the documents or transactions to be completed and are fixed, whenever possible, before the services are rendered.  In cases where a fixed fee cannot be determined in advance, a reasonable fee will be assessed based on time spent and costs incurred. Costs to be assessed may include copying, postage, travel, and on-line research services.

Estate planning means creating a plan that determines how your property and other assets transfer at your death for the benefit your loved ones and others.  Estate planning also involves the creation of a plan for the use and protection of your property during your lifetime.